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Where is your office located?


In 2001 I had just spent a cool million dollars leasing a very large space for twenty plus agents, new phone system, all new furniture and the best things money could buy. I was in the office rat race so to speak for around fifteen years. One day I was looking through the calendar and noticed that I had only four appointments the entire month at my office and around 40+ at properties and other locations.

I begin to look through previous months and noticed the same thing. Very few clients meeting me at the office and mostly in their home, their rental property or even a local restaurant. I immediately gave all the agents notice that I was closing the office. I was spending over $100,000.00 per month for all the expenses and no one was coming to the office. It didn’t make sense to spend that money anymore.

I immediately started looking for the smallest office possible to have my assistant and myself a place to go to do paperwork. My office rent alone was over $6500.00+ a month and I found a place for around $300.00 around the corner.

I know I went the long way around on telling this story, but NO we do not have a public office. Even when we had a public office due to the evictions I do we kept the door locked and anyone coming had to have an appointment. I had done that in all of my offices.

If we see a need to meet we can meet at your property or at a local restaurant. I met one owner the other day at a Braums. It was his suggestion. I’ve met at the park, the mall, and even schools. At the end of the day if we need to meet we can make that happen without me having to charge a higher fee to pay for that office.

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