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I own a home and wonder if I should provide landscaping?


If you are asking my opinion I believe it’s the smartest thing long-term on a residential property for the owner to maintain the landscaping.  Here are just a few reasons why I prefer to manage properties where the landscaping is provided.

  • I’ve never received an HOA notice or city violation notice when weekly service is provided.
  • It shows your neighbors you care by having it maintain consistently versus when the resident feels like doing it.
  • The landscaping company is another set of eyes for an absentee owner or management company.  If they see something out of the norm they alert us of things.
  • Nothing gets forgotten such as weeds or limbs if the landscapers stay on top of their job.
  • The property is always looking good from the outside.

What you need to consider is landscaping is done usually only 8 months out of the year unless you have huge trees with a leaf problem.  I typically add the cost of the service to the rent and tell prospects that landscaping is included.  I have very few that say they’d like to take care of the yard when I offer it with the lease.  If the residents do talk me into letting them do the landscaping I have very strict guidelines.  Here’s a short list.

  • If I ever get a complaint from the HOA, homeowner, or city there is an automatic fine payable to my company for $100 plus whatever they may charge.
  • They are given two days to comply or I send my service over immediately and bill the tenants.
  • I will give them one more chance but after that rent goes up and they are not given that chance again.

When I started in real estate Lincoln Property Management Company was the largest around.  They focused on their landscaping more than they did anything and it brought people through the doors.  I’ve since adopted that philosophy and it has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in managing residential homes.

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