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How much does the eviction process cost?

This is probably my second most asked question.

I understand your concerns, but there is typically no flat fees in the eviction business. Most companies charge by the hour or by the service. Since there are different phases to the eviction process most charge for the individual phases. We actually provide more options than any company in the area to my knowledge giving both flat fees and hourly fees. I’ve never met anyone that has been in business longer than myself doing evictions so I have fine-tuned our service to save you the most money. I actually coined the term phases back in the late 80s when everyone at the time charged a huge flat fee for the entire eviction process when it wasn’t even needed.

The only way to get a true and correct price is for me to review all of your information with our FREE Eviction Quote. Sure it takes a couple of minutes to fill out the form, but you will get a price in writing as well as what I think is the best course of action for your particular case.

The average eviction, start to finish costs most owners around $750.00. Some cases are actually less and some are much higher. I have cases that have cost $3299 and I have cases that cost $489.00. The biggest rule of thumb to keep your eviction cost down is LET THE PROFESSIONALS DO THEIR JOB. This might sound rude, but the more you want to talk and ask questions the more it’s going to cost. I’ve got the most common questions people ask on my FAQS page. By reading this alone you will save probably $100 to $300 versus talking with me on the phone. Don’t see your question answered?  Shoot me a message HERE.

There is a reason car dealerships don’t let you in the back to watch your car being fixed. They would never get anything done with all the, “what is that questions?”.

I suggest to ever owner to go the cheapest route which is to get email updates versus phone updates. By doing this you will save yourself 50% in eviction fees.

Recently (April 2018) an owner hired me to do two evictions. The owner required I phone him on every little thing. I told him at my rates that’s going to add up very fast. He said he didn’t care. 50% of his conversations with me were talking about the same things that had NOTHING to do with the case. I told him we should get off the phone because this is going to get expensive. He continued. At the end of both evictions, he was billed $3600.00 for what would have normally cost around $1500 for both of them due to some extra PRE-PHASE 1 work done. So it cost him $2100 extra just to tell me stories from the past.

My job is to get possession as quickly as possible and for the best price. I’ve got my system down to a science so all I am asking is let me do what I do best and the results are very clear.

Let’s find out what your price will be by getting your free eviction quote HERE.

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