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How long have you been in business?


Since April 1990. We have operated and still operate under several company names for different services.

Our very first company name was Allstar Leasing. Then we added Allstar Leasing and Management. A fun fact is that when we started the internet was not used that much even though I had it. We relied on the phone book to advertise and I wanted my company name to be first so I used Allstar. Later on, I got another phone line and used Allstar Leasing and Management. That way there would be two listings. Then I got this bright idea to add another phone line and use Bemis Realty. People would call Allstar first and then get off the phone and go down the list. They would call me a couple times and realized I had all these company names.

We also do maintenance and renovations under Bemis Maintenance.

We have many company names for evictions but tend to invoice under Dallas Evictions.

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