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An owner can most definitely evict his tenants if they are in violation of a lease provision or non-payment of rent.

The question I have for that owner do you really want to take that risk by doing it yourself?

Don’t get me wrong many owners are successful at winning their cases.  I see them all the time.  The question is “what if”.

  • What if they dispute your rent claims
  • What if you give the wrong notice
  • What if you don’t give them enough time
  • What if you fail to insert one of the required words on the eviction letter
  • What if the judge says you didn’t deliver the notice correctly
  • What if the tenant makes you mad in court?

Let’s be honest.  We all want to save money and I can count more instances than I care to where I tried to save money and messed something up by not being a professional.

***QUICK FUNNY STORY***  SKIP IF NOT TO NEXT PARAGRAPH if you are in a rush for time.

When I was 21 years old I bought a Toronado, Oldsmobile.  I was paying a lot of money for this car and all of a sudden it stopped working.  With ZERO experience I tackled doing some work under the hood.  When I got done I have like five screws left over.  Doing what any 21 year old would do in my position I threw them in the trunk and proceeded to drive.  My engine blew up lol a couple weeks later.  I had to spend like $3500 on the new engine.  Had I taken it in prior to me touching it I may have been charged around $300.

Over the years I’ve literally had hundreds of owners call me and decide to attempt the eviction themselves.  I don’t have full statistics written down and documented, but I can guess that between 40% and 60% that attempted to do their eviction have called me back to start it all over.  Here’s what happened to them when attempting to do something they had no knowledge.

  • They lost an additional 1 to 2 months rent
  • The tenant(s) laughed in their face
  • The tenant(s) stayed in the property 30 to 60 days longer
  • They paid double court cost
  • They felt defeated and wanted nothing to do with rental properties
  • They became more stressed.

If you have ANY doubt of the process I strongly suggest getting professional help.  Yes, it cost.  Anything of value cost.  That’s why they call rental properties investments.  You have to invest in them to reap the benefits.  If you haven’t received your FREE EVICTION QUOTE here’s the time.  It’s free!  NO CHARGE for me to give you my opinion on what it’s going to take to get them out.

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