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I want to personally thank you for using my online submission form. To save time and save you more money I have template based pricing already prepared based on the city, type of eviction and factors that could change the price. If you are getting this page for pricing you are getting the lowest eviction pricing we offer based on the information you provided. Keep in mind that the eviction process is a legal process that requires precision, timing, and proper execution. If one item is not done correctly your case could be kicked out. We have successfully done several thousand evictions and know the process from start to finish. In the next areas below, you can explore pricing for each phase, understand our style of business a little better and get a clearer picture of what we can do to make this situation go away. Thanks again for requesting your eviction quote.


We take your business seriously. When a person like you entrust us with doing a job we do it to the highest standards possible. That’s not just a quick line to get you to hire us it’s the way we do business. We challenge people to find a bad review on us. The only bad review I have personally found is someone I evicted wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau and said I evicted them. Pretty funny I thought. When I am hired the level of care will be very apparent with the updates your receive via email. We update you EVERY TIME we do something on your case so you don’t have to worry if we are doing the job or not.  

Phase 1

Phase 1 – We call the tenant, give them two weeks to move and offer them a one-time deal.  75% take this deal and move out by two full weekends.  The deal is we forgive their rent debt to get possession.  It’s fast, quick and works most of the time.  

Now you may be thinking I really need that money and I want to take them to court to get it.  We can skip giving them the deal, but you will spend more money and NEVER collect what they owe 99% of the time.  Also, it takes a couple weeks longer to get them out which is more money lost.  Do your own research and try to find a collection agency that focuses on rent collections only.  They don’t collect enough so there is no business that does it.  

Can I guarantee your tenant will be one of the normal 85% that will move?  HECK NO lol.  I will do my best though because I don’t want to continue any further than this phase.  When we give them that deal we still send a notice to vacate for nonpayment of rent that expires in two weeks.  If they fail to take the deal or move then we go to phase 2.  This phase is only $589.  

Remember we do the notice and proper delivery so you don’t have to worry about losing the case.  We have been doing evictions since 1986 and not one eviction of the many thousands that we have done has resulted in being kicked out due to our paperwork.  WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS PROCESS WITHOUT ANY FLAWS PERIOD! The normal cost for this phase is $1050.00.  

MAKE NOTE OF THIS…..The clear advantage in our service over any other service is we contact the tenants and keep contacting them until they move out.  This fee basically is covering unlimited communication with the tenant whether it takes one hour or ten hours this fee covers all that time spent negotiating with the tenant.   99% of all tenants talk to us.  The normal tenant eviction cost us about three hours in talk time on average from start to finish.

ALL UPDATES ARE DONE VIA EMAIL ONLY FOR THIS PRICE (Reason for discount).  We update you any time we do something for your case.  WE NEVER TEXT OR RECEIVE TEXT.


Phase 2

Phase 2- If the tenant(s) fail to move out by the expiration date on the notice to vacate for nonpayment of rent then we must file the eviction

We don’t wait or give another week unless the weather hindered the move, natural disaster or another act of God.  We show them we are serious by filing the eviction and staying on track. 

Filing the eviction is $345.00 FOR ONE PERSON.  We go in person, pay the court and do the preferred paperwork at that JP court.  We never mail a lawsuit and we never send payment through the mail.  That delays the case for up to five days. 

Another 10% typically move out during this phase. Two people would be $445.00. JP COURTS  REQUIRE TO FILE ON BOTH OR ALL RESPONSIBLE  PARTIES TO A LEASE AS OF NEW EVICTION LAWS AUG 31 2013  – ADD $100 to the $445.00 for each additional tenant needing to be evicted.  ***MAKE NOTE***  The pricing can change at courts without our knowledge.   If the pricing changes you will be charged the new rate.  With over 100 courthouses in the area that I service it’s impossible to call them every day and find out their pricing.  The rule of thumb is we charge you court cost plus $175 to go in person and file the eviction (3 hours of work in most cases).

Phase 3

Phase 3 – If they don’t move then we must go to court. Let’s talk numbers here. 100 evictions and between 3 and 8 over the years don’t move and we have to go to court. The ones that typically go to court are in jail, in the hospital or unemployed for months with no relatives nearby. It’s just not common but if it does happen we represent you in court for just $395. Oh, and if they have been evicted before you might expect to go to court because they don’t care and they know the process.  Discounted price of $395 from $550.

Worse Cases

There are many things that can happen before and after court. Here’s a brief list so you can prepare mentally for the worse case, even though to date only THREE TIMES since 1986 the below has every happened to me personally.

1. Tenant ask for a jury trial – delays case cost more (no one yet has filed this)

2. Tenant files bankruptcy – delays case cost more (3 cases in 2014) Add 60 days minimum in most cases.

3. Tenant files appeal – delays case cost more (1 case)

4. Tenant file paupers affidavit – delays case cost more. (no one yet has filed this)

The delays can be days or weeks. The cost can be hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. Don’t focus on that though because again, it’s not common since I am good at talking the tenants out. Remember there is no guarantee, but thousands of evictions and only 3 cases so far is a pretty good indication of the future.

Let’s take this one more step further. Writ of possession. Judge gives tenant five days (6 days if the office closes at 4:30 as required by new laws) to move IF we win in court. If the tenant does nothing but sit you must file a writ, hire movers, locksmith and move everything out to the curb with a constable present. You normally have two hours and they give the specific time that you must have your movers and locksmith. Next day everything moved out has to be hauled to the dump. This runs around $750 to $1800 average cost. CASE IS FINALLY OVER.

My statistics are as follows -1 case March 2014 – part of the bankruptcy case. May 2016 file writ to expediate the move of a tenant. So when I actually start the eviction I can talk most out. Since 1986 I have had less than ten writs of possessions take place for a nonpayment of rent eviction.  Pretty amazing considering one eviction company told me 40% go to the writ of possession. It’s because I call and talk to the tenants and the other companies do not.

I tend to tell all the things that can happen so you don’t say at a later day, “Why didn’t you tell me this could happen”. Hopefully, this information helps. If you are interested in getting this started asap I have included a link with our email.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and remember we do LEGAL leases, lease properties, sell properties, renovate properties and assist owners in getting current with Texas Property Code on many items pertaining to their property. We are your one stop real estate company and would be glad to assist you.

Bad Eviction Companies

One last thing. There are several eviction companies claiming to be eviction companies taking peoples money. They lure you in by charging a much lower price, then you don’t hear from them again. I get two to five calls a week from owners that have been taken and nothing has been done. Check out reviews on any company you are considering and go to a website called ripoffreport.com if using or consider using any eviction service in the DFW area. I could say more, but I don’t want to drag any company through the mud publicly. You can go to the TEXAS REAL ESTATE COMMISSION website and put my license number of 0407956 and see that I have completed more than 1200 hours in real estate classes and have never had a complaint against my company, license or lawsuits regarding my license.

Getting Started - Start NOW!

To get started, you will complete the THIS FORM.

Some browsers my require a password and if it does it is: rent

Once in, fill out the online form with all the required information. upload your lease, applications and any recent notices you have sent if any.  If you have already sent this information I STILL NEED IT. This is my online filing system that I can show a judge if it goes that far. Also, I can access this information on the go versus having files. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT ALL BLANKS ARE FILLED IN ESPECIALLY PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES.


Once you have submitted the online form you can make a payment ( PHASE 1 ONLY $589) since it directs you to the payment screen. Remember that we do not start the process until the payment is made. We use PayPal to protect you. It shows you I am a legitimate company or PayPal would basically shut me down. I sacrifice approximately 3% of my fee to make sure you are protected. Please do debit or credit card only with PayPal. Echeck will be delayed for up to a week and your eviction would not start until payment is received.

Anytime we start a phase and collect money there will be NO refunds. We will do our very best and try to negotiate the tenants out of the property but can not guarantee a specific outcome. Even though our success rate (in court) has been 100% there is no way to predict what a judge will do, a tenant will do or how a case will be presented. We could actually lose your case if you fail to disclose something to use. So disclose, disclose and do some more disclosure.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to call or email me, please.

Brian Bemis

Bemis Realty

www.bemisrealty.com (*note*  We are not actively doing real estate right now due to increased evictions)