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Lease Agreements

Your lease agreement will either help you float when trouble happens or sink you dead in the water.  Here are a few reasons why you must have a good lease.

  • Protects you and your investment

  • Covers all required property code mandates

  • It’s your life raft when all else fails

Many people are budget conscious and I get that.  However, when it comes to your lease skip the boilerplate, office supply, and my friend has one I can use lease excuse.

I strongly recommend only two leases.  The TAA (Texas Apartment Association) and the TAR (Texas Association of Realtors).  These leases have many benefits that I must mention so you get why I am so adamant about using one or the other.

  1.  These leases are produced through associations.  What this means is you just can’t buy it online.  You must find someone that is a paying member.  Using them without being a member could be considered fraud and/or copyright violation.
  2. Since the member fees pay for their existence they are constantly updating provisions or adding the new laws and statutes to the leases.  I recall many years ago that a typical lease was 4 pages in the late 80’s.  Now a typical lease is not even a good lease unless it’s a minimum of ten pages.  The TAR lease is my preferred lease and you are looking at 16 pages for detailed provisions that protect an owner in the best possible way.
  3. When going to court keep in mind that the judges recognize a TAR and TAA lease and typically don’t read them because they know what the provisions are from experience.  If you bring some made up lease to court judges don’t like to have to read provisions that are made up, randomly put together or waste their time in court.  Hands down by having one of these leases it’s one obstacle avoided in court because of its clout.  The leases stand out above the rest.
  4. By using an association lease your are typically getting the most up-to-date lease available on the market with the most updated provisions.
  5. Since you must get one from a member of the association they must prepare it versus giving you a blank form to fill out yourself.  The benefit of that alone in most cases allows you get their experience in writing leases as part of the deal.

We’ve been members of both TAA and TAR.  After careful consideration of our typical client’s needs and the courts, we elected to use only the TAR form.

Here’s what you get when we write your property lease.

We will give you options as to what to put in many of the areas on the lease.  The inputs will allow you to be in charge with you own personal preferences.  We will of course tell you what we prefer, but you are more than welcome to change that.

We will tell you about all forms that are required BY LAW.  Many don’t realize that a lease is NOT required by law, but other forms actually are.

That being said we are not saying you shouldn’t have a lease because it’s not required by law.  No lease to me is like have a car with no wheels.  You get no where fast and wast your time and money.

I have three packages for leases.

lease only $149

lease, lead base paint and pet agreement $169

lease, lead base paint, pet agreement and move-in inventory $189